Who is this Mikel King character anyway:

mikel_kingMikel King is a technology evangelist, who has a proven track record leading many open source based efforts. His entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to launch Olivent Technologies a boutique consulting and managed services information technology firm, in 2008.

Currently he is serving as the Director of WordPress Development for Reader’s Digest Association in New York, NY. In addition Mikel is serving as the Secretary of the BSD Certification Group a not-for-profit corporation whose goal is to establish a series of BSD administrator certification exams. As a Subject Matter Expert he has helped shape the exam by attending question drafting sessions as well as directly contributing to the question pool.

Mr. King is the Senior editor of The BSD News Network, raising the online publication from the ashes of it’s predecessor and driving it forward with community collaboration.The publication is dedicated to reporting on the state of the family of BSD operating systems (e.g. FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFlyBSD, PC-BSD and Mac OS X).

He also writes for JAFDIP and Huffington Post and is a feature columnist for BSD Magazine authoring numerous articles for the publication. Mikel King has been a facet of the periodical since it’s debut in 2007.

In addition Mr. King is a highly intelligent and skilled communicator. Always taking time to consider the technological level and expertise of his audience. Delivering concise content directed to the audience, engaging the listeners free of superfluous buzz and media fluff. Generally only speaking on behalf of product and services that he is truly passionate about.

Watch Mr King’s presentation on High Performance WordPress from WordCamp NYC  August 2014:

One word that sums up Mikel King is INTEGRITY.

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