A brief history about Mikel King

Mikel King honorably served in the U.S. Coast Guard for approximately 11 years. He was decorated with the Commandant’s Letter of Appreciation for extraordinary valor for saving the lives of two civilians and a fellow service member as the result of a helicopter crashing into Ambrose Light Tower where Mr. King was acting officer in charge. Mr. King was also awarded several other notable commendations including a U.S. Coast Guard Humanitarian Services Medal as well as the U.S. Coast Guard Achievement Medal for his exemplary work ethic and executing tasks assigned above and beyond the normal call of duty.

Mikel’s extraordinary leadership skills lead him to being assigned to fill a numerous senior leadership position far exceeding his rank and position. For example he successfully filled the Electronics Material Office role during a three month period and transitioned his unit through a major restructuring, earning him the nickname Mike ‘the lion’ King in addition to respect and admiration of both his subordinates and superiors alike .

Since departing military service Mr. King applied the skills he learned while serving to rise very quickly from an entry level Information Technology support tech to Chief Information and Technology Officer of a mid sized ISP and consulting enterprise in Manhattan, NY.

At this company he contributed to the overall successful completion of numerous capital improvement upgrades. As well as the spearheaded the migration from discreet physical servers VMWare, Virtualbox and FreeBSD Jail base virtual machines. The consolidation of equipment enable the company to reduce it’s physical technology footprint to two standard equipment racks from twelve. This energy saving project help the company stay competitive through the post 9/11 IT implosion.

Mikel is the only candidate who will put the needs of New Yorkers first. He is absolutely the only outside the box candidate, and represents the hard working middle class majority of this great state. If you want some one in Washington D.C. who will fight for a better New York then you want Mikel, and you will wan to click the ‘help out‘ button above.

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