Tao Te Mikel King

If you concur with any of these statements then we need to connect.

Your business is growing and you need a flexible hands on team leader who is dependable, with a diverse background. A leader who is not afraid to take the initiative and innovate alternative solutions when necessary to get the job done.

Your business requires a seasoned service and support CIO/CTO leader, who is a true team player, that has a proven track record of delivering numerous projects on time and on or under budget.

You will only settle for a distinguished inspirational leader who is driven to help you grow your IT department to meet you growing business needs. A manager who inspires the highest level of quality and performance possible.

You are looking for someone to help solve your difficult technological obstacles. Someone who never talks thousands of miles over your head or down to you with empty marketing buzz.

You want someone to honestly evaluate all applicable technologies, open and closed source alike then select the one that is most appropriate for the need regardless of which vendor has the best pitch. You need an IT manager, who values integrity.

You need a problem solver not a problem creator. Someone who will stand by you and value the company you spent so much of you time building as much as you do.

Isn’t it about time you hired someone you can trust?

My name is Mikel King and I am the former CIO/CTO of a medium sized ISP in Manhattan, NY. In addition I am a veteran with a distinguished service record. I have authored numerous articles for various trade magazines. My sincere desire is to expand my personal network, bridging that into a small to medium firm or not-for-profit that needs my talent.

Below you will find several methods of contacting me. I look forward to helping your business grow.
Mikel King <mikel DOT king AT olivent DOT com>
CEO, Olivent Technologies
Senior Editor, BSD News Network
Columnist, BSD Magazine
6 Alpine Court,
Medford, NY 11763
o: 631.627.3055 c: 631.796.1499
resume: http://bit.ly/8p1tQ5

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