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Alien Abductions The Truth Is Out There

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Some mornings you wake up and ponder


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Restroom and cel phone ettiquette

Being at an age where I’ve seen and heard a lot of strange things, I find it odd the use of cel phones in the restroom public or private a bit annoying. However, honestly what you do in the privacy … Continue reading

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During the Blackout of 2003…

I was in the basement office of a longtime client working on either their Exchange mail server, their MSSql Server or their SAN. The building facilities people were working on the 440VAC power system to connect a new printing press. … Continue reading

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StartUps vs Established businesses

Earlier this morning my daughter pulled some Cheddar Bunnies out of the cupboard for a trip with her friends to the beach. Unfortunately this started me thinking about my business experiences over that last few years. I made some friends … Continue reading

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The Vulgar Unicorn

In the early days of 300 baud modems long before the internet was a household phenomenon there lived a digital subculture known as the bulletin board system or BBS as the cool kids called it. Only there weren’t really many … Continue reading

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