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Sometimes it’s just easier to craft a single page to collect all of ones’ contact information in one place. So to make life easier I am doing just that in order of precedence these are the best social media connectors for me besides this website or the ones where I am actively involved in editing. As I discover/remember more I shall add them here.

Site URL Title Description g+:Mikel King Mikel King on google plus @Mikel King Mikel King’s twitter page in::Mikel King Mikel King on LinkedIn. &:MikelKing Mikel King on Etsy Huffington Post Mikel King on HuffPost BSD News Network Home of the BSD News project. You will find news content related to the entire family of the BSD operating systems. blog::Just another frakkin day in paridise JAFDIP is a blog community with content on various topics from tech to social media. fb:Mikel King Mikel King on Facebook. (e)Mikel King Mikel King on Empire Avenue. q:Mikel King Mikel King on Quora. about:Mikel King about Mikel King

In order to make things easy I am including a vCard which you can download and import into your address book. Simply select the linked image below and import away.

Mikel King vCard


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