The biggest problem with the education system in this state is that each school district is responsible for the care and maintenance of their facilities. The average home owner who funds their local school district through their property taxes, does not comprehend the time and effort required for this effort in relation to the percentages they pay for the school taxes. I feel that it is a failure of our education system to have so much overlap, which should be consolidated into a single State managed entity.

I feel it is critical that we work with school districts to limit the amount of budgetary increase to match the rate of inflation akin to a cost of living adjustment. The ultimate goal should be that a school system should not be able to raise their annual budget more that x% higher than the rate of inflation. Further all capital improvement programs like construction of new facilities or the expansion of existing facilities should be considered separate from the school systems’ operating budget.

Such expansions should still be voted on by the community however once the project design and budget has been set the project should be handed off to the state education department for planning, funding, and ultimately execution. This process should include allowing communities to determine the type of facilities they wish to operate, meaning it should include Charter Schools.

Enacting a centralized planning system such as this would empower communities to decide how they wish to build their education while lifting the burden from ill equipped school system administrators. Further it would alleviate the necessity for the school local systems to hire individuals with the skill sets required to manage construction projects. Ultimately this would eliminate such skill sets required for the superintendent level thus reducing costs.

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