Restroom and cel phone ettiquette

urinalsBeing at an age where I’ve seen and heard a lot of strange things, I find it odd the use of cel phones in the restroom public or private a bit annoying. However, honestly what you do in the privacy of your own home is of no concern to me. It is when you presume to treat a public space as if it were your personal domain that I take issue.

Earlier this afternoon while shopping at Sam’s Club I found myself in need of a visit to the throne room. A few minutes after I settled in my neighbor’s phone began to ring in a loud acoustic guitar strumming and brass band kind of fiesta music. Honestly I thought he was just going to ignore it but on the fifth ring he answered the phone. Immediately after saying hello some one flushed a toilet which was so loud that it was painfully obvious to the other party that this gentleman was indeed in the bathroom. Amazingly this brazen individual said;

“Hello. I am in the bathroom, call me back in a few minutes, ok?”

Why this amazes me is that not only did he a) answer the phone and stating ‘I am in the bathroom…’ demonstrating his utter and complete contempt for the person on the other end of the call. I mean what could be lower than essentially telling someone over the phone, “Hey I am glad you called because I wanted you to know that my poo is more important than talking to you right now.”

Suppose it could’ve been worse he could have call the other person to announce his coronation… ;-S

Unfortunately for this poor person that was not enough. In lieu of saying that he couldn’t talkĀ  and that he would call back, he told the recipient to call him back. That is like saying, “Not only is my poo more important than you, but I can’t be bothered to call an insignificant life form like you. So if you want to talk you better call me to boost my ego and make me feel even more superior than you!”

Honestly, I bet when he sat back down he started tweeting about the phone call. “Can you believe Bob called me while I was on the toilet? I mean who does that? Seriously who calls anymore?”

In either case a few minutes later he finished his business and wouldn’t you know as he’s flushing the toilet the phone rings again the same loud acoustic guitar strumming and brass band kind of fiesta music. by the third ring he answers, “Hey, ok what’s up?” as he marches out the door without even pretending to wash his hands; I might add.

Sadly this is true story is a clear sign of the decline of humanity.

Has this ever happened to you? Share your experience in the comments.

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