The Moon Tarot Spread

I designed this spread after an intense period of meditation. Originally, I wanted a clear method of evaluating two people because I had personal relationships in mind. However I have grown to believe that this is an ideal spread for evaluating just about any two choices. The basic layout (as displayed below) uses 24 cards, however; you can always add three more to any area for clarification. Although it may look rather complex it is in fact an extremely simple spread, which lends to its’ flexibility.

tarot card layout

Think of this spread as seven rows and two columns. The columns divide at the nines (the blue and red cards) and row ONE begins with the roman numeral I. For argument sake I have gone to the trouble of labeling the positions. This should make discussing the layout a bit easier.

Column 1 (the green cards): Could be for person A Column 2 (the yellow cards): For person B

The Left four cards of the green section will give an idea of person A’s attitude and feelings in general toward the question. As will the right four yellow cards for person B. These are the primary cards which culminate in the red card IX.

Cards I & II signify each persons thoughts and attitude toward the issue
Cards III & IV identify growth/creativity potential
Cards V & VI represent commitment/reliability & loyalty/honesty
Cards VII & VIII signify conflict -vs- willingness to communicate/negotiate the issue

Card IX represents the outcome if no changes in present behavior are made. i.e., This is where a particular relationship will end up the two individuals maintain the present course.

Cards A, B, & C are the forces apposing or aiding person A, therefore; it would stand to reason that cards D, E, & F are the same for person B. See I told you this was easy.

Cards 1 through 8 represent what each person needs changed in order to reach harmony with the other person for the issue of that row. e.g., Card 7 show person A some guidance about what he/she needs to do to become more compatible with person B. Like wise card 8 holds the same truth for Person B.

Ok so that leaves card 9, the final outcome. This shows what will most likely happen if the two individuals follow the advice of the preceding middle cards 1 thru 8. However, you must remember the A-F cards. If both people have issue outside the realm of this question then this card can spell pretty much certain doom.

Final note: If you hadn’t guessed I generally lay these cards out starting with the roman numerated cards. Followed by the alphabetic cards, and finally the arabic numerated cards. Personally you can lay them any order you choose, even random if you like, but I find this is easiest for keeping things laid out clearly. Additionally it makes for a nice presentation if you follow this route while reading for some one else.

Good Luck!

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