Today’s Google Doodle is inspired by the life of…

If you did not gleam from the PDA looking device w/ Don’t Panic on it’s screen perhaps you might have observed the towel? Although ‘Towel Day‘ is still several months away, today was Douglas Adams birthday. He of course was the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Douglas Adams Mar 11 Google Doodle

I had the opportunity to meet the man at a book signing in NYC for the release of Mostly Harmless. Although he was a bit testy it remains one of the most interesting memories from that I have from meeting an author. I suspect that his surliness was a result of the cancer and generally not feeling very well.

In any event today is a good day to grab your towel, drink 6 pints of ale and inhale some salted nuts. You do know where your towel is don’t you?

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